There is a lot of factors that go into the pricing for your guitar. Wood, Tuners, Electronics, hardware, custom design, etc….

Base Model Designs

My base model guitars start at $1650.00. There is a lot of customization that can be done within the budget of the base models. Basically each component of the instrument has a budget.

Current offerings have Gotoh or Hipshot hardware:

  • Hard-tail / Wraparound / Tune-o-matic style bridges
  • Upgraded tuners (locking available)
  • Matching strap buttons / jack plates
  • Matching neck plates or ferrules
  • UV cured clear coat in gloss or matte
  • Steel reinforcement or truss rod

Your Custom Designs

On completely custom designs it is probably the best practice to contact me directly to start the conversation. I drew my first custom guitar on a napkin and handed it to my luthier and we went from there. I will start custom work with a full scale drawing, estimated labor, and supplies list. I am committed to providing a complete breakdown estimate and having open communication to the process. Contact Me.

I require a non refundable deposit of up to 1/2 of the final purchase price for the commission of a custom guitar or customized base model guitar.

If you are planning on providing any parts or materials for your build I am open to work with you on that and adjust pricing. I retain the right to approve any supplied materials, if materials do not meet quality standards they cannot be used.